If you have an accident, then the most important thing is how quickly you get well again. Of course you want to shorten the process as much as possible.

If the facial skull is injured as well, then you usually have to operate on it. Often the jaw, the oral cavity, even the teeth are affected. Whether it is operated from the outside or often from the inside also depends on the injury. It does matter if the first operation is successful, or perhaps it should be repeated several times.

The success of surgery is not only due to the expertise of the surgeon, but also to the materials, instruments, examination options and clinical environment available. At the Western Hungarian dental practice clinics, the highly qualified oral surgeons combine the most modern methods with the most reliable materials. You can easily trust them.

If the bones of the facial skull are broken, it causes both functional disorders and aesthetic problems. If they can be restored to their original shape before healing, then it can heal much faster and complication-free than later.

If the jaw is also affected, it makes eating difficult, chewing completely. So you have to fix the affected bones faster. If you use materials that your body does not feel alien to, the spare parts that have been used can remain there for a lifetime. So you can do without a new treatment.

In the case of all body damage, one should also be clear that it can also injure the nerves, which is also inconceivable without healing.

Even if the bones are healed, teeth can still cause many problems. They have to be anchored. You have to thoroughly investigate if they are damaged, if so, they must be reconstructed. Dental clinics in Hungary have oral surgeons and dentists under one roof. Your close partnership, cooperation, connection facilitates the professional care, so you can count on a shorter healing time.