Who would think that the back or the head hurts can be caused of dental problems. If the bite condition is successfully corrected, this pain can be overcome.

What are these dental problems that can also have such consequences? A tooth that is growing too high, fillings that are too flat, crowns, bridges or an improper tooth replacement disturb the precise system of teeth, temporomandibular joint and muscles. Strong forces act on the teeth, crowns, bridges during chewing. If these forces are not properly distributed, pain can occur.

There is a three-dimensional simulation model, the articulator, with which one can mimic the chewing movements. After the model and the measurements, the doctors can create a reconstruction procedure.

The most modern technology and materials in the Hungarian dental clinics make it possible to overcome even such problems. If you are interested, inquire by phone or by e-mail.

How can you tell that your jaw needs to be treated. Consider whether the following symptoms are synonymous with you: Do you have chronic tension in the neck, neck, or face? Are your lower jaws moving in a restricted way? Crack and hurt your jaw joints? Do you have pain in the spine? Did your gums go down, are there any exposed cervicals? Are your teeth temperature sensitive? Do you have ear noises, so-called tinnitus?

Many crunch at the teeth in the night, that trigger the daily problems, you work up the stress so on. The crunching and misalignment of the teeth can also cause migraine and other pain in the temporomandibular joint, neck and shoulders. With a custom-made splint to wear at night, you can soften the tremendous power of the muscles, which relaxes the temporomandibular joint and allows it to regenerate.

If you want to get rid of such symptoms, it is worth having your teeth examined from this point of view. Such painful functional disorders can be easily remedied by targeted corrections on the tooth surface. Careful and detailed functional diagnostics can guarantee long-term success.