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Whether it’s a new website or a modern printwork, well-framed, detailed, high resolution images are essential. Quality photos are required by a professional but it is possible to obtain these pictures as a stock photo. All of the images on our website can be purchased. Their advantage is value-for-money, which is more profitable than a day-to-day professional photographer. In our gallery you will find mostly general-themed images that you can easily add to your web site.

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Eye care images

Quality images of eye care treatments. Make your website better with well-set, authentic photos.

The advantage of the pictures are, that they are more unique than photos of common stock websites.

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Temporomandibular Joint Therapy

Temporomandibular Joint Therapy

Who would think that the back or the head hurts can be caused of dental problems. If the bite condition is successfully corrected, this pain can be overcome. What are these dental problems that can also have such consequences? A tooth that is growing too high,...

Oral surgery after an accident

Oral surgery after an accident

If you have an accident, then the most important thing is how quickly you get well again. Of course you want to shorten the process as much as possible. If the facial skull is injured as well, then you usually have to operate on it. Often the jaw, the oral cavity,...

How to choose a dentist?

How to choose a dentist?

The first requirement for a dental treatment is that the good effect should be long term. For dentures, dentures but also for restorations one plans for many years, even for decades. But how can you choose the right dental practice so that you can be satisfied?...